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Vibro Feeders

Extenso supplies several different types of Vibro Feeders that feed in or out of our Loss in Weight systems. These Vibro Feeders are manufactured to suit customers requirements with regards to feed rate and functionality.



An Electromagnetic Drive Vibrating Feeder offers easily and continuously adjustable flow rate control together with virtually instantaneous stop-start material flow.

  • A vibratory feeder can be a trough, tubular or enclosed trough design

  • Powered by our electromagnetic drive units, vibrating feeders have the ability to continuously adjust throughput rate

  • Material flow stops almost instantaneously when the unit is de-energized (due to the drive unit's internal damping)


Filling and weighing applications:

  • A common use of a vibrating feeder is in filling applications where the electromagnetic drive operates at maximum amplitude to rapidly fill a weighed container. As the target weight is reached, the feed rate is slowed to a trickle until the final weight is reached and the unit stopped.

  • Vibratory feeders can also be used for metering product into an elevator, pneumatic transfer line or belt conveyor and discharging from silos, hoppers, bulk bag stations or bins.

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