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Loss in Weight is a system for the continuous dosing of bulk materials. Dosing is accomplished in that the material is continuously discharged from a weighing container that is rapidly refilled when the level sinks to a low level (before the weighing container is empty). SP 95 Loss of Weight uses a unique and extremely advanced technique that provides a unique level of dosage accuracy, even under extremely difficult operating conditions. We have documented accuracy of <1% over long periods of continuous feeding (> 8000 hours of continuous operation)


The system can be made 100% dust and gas tight and is primarily designed to handle powders, dust and bulk materials that are difficult to dose using other methods due to their properties.  It may be that the material is poisonous, dust-producing, hot, spits or blasts, bridge-building and so forth.

The SP 95 Loss of Weight is controlled by an "intelligent" weight controller that is specially designed to handle this type of weighing.  This means in practice that the system provides a continuous flow of material that can be regulated in volume and rate without any other limitations than the weight's physical capacity.


The capacity of the SP 95 Loss of Weight is limited by the output and input feeders' capacities and the space available for a weighing container of sufficient size.  By using special types of out and input feeders and a specially designed weighing container, capacities can be increased to a far higher level than the systems standard capacities.

The majority of powdered and granulated materials can be dosed in a standard SP 95 system using a Extenso Cell Feeder MP 95.  The system handles fractions of dust and soot fractions up to a maximum of 50 mm.  Some fibers, long, hard particles, very sticky materials and fractions over 50 mm require special equipment: If one is in doubt if the material can be handled by the SP 95, contact Extenso AS


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