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We design, manufacture, install and commission process belt weighers (<2-3% accuracy) and class 1 and 2 weights and measures approved belt weighers. The belt weighers are designed to easily fit into customers' conveyors. With more than 20 years of experience, we also provide advice for industrial belt weigher applications.

Beltevekt Belt Weigher

Belt Weigher Or Belt Scale

The belt scale is delivered in 3 different basic designs to adapt to the current needs and applications. One should be aware that there is a clear correlation between accuracy and price when it comes to belt weighers. It is therefore important to choose a belt weigher that covers the current requirements. It can often be to your advantage to go up a class when it comes to belt weighers and achieving the required accuracy. This is to compensate for unforeseen disturbances in the plant/facility.

A Belt Weigher Replaces...

A belt weigher replaces a short section of the support mechanism of the belt, which might be one or more sets of idler rollers, or a short section of channel or plate. This weighed support is mounted on load cells. The mass measured by the load cells is integrated to compute the mass of material moving on the belt, after allowing for the mass of the belt itself.

All our belt weighers have adjustment options for leveling the weighbridge and adjusting the rollers to get the necessary alignment of the weighing area.  All our belt weighers are delivered with machined rollers.  All our load cells have a degree of sealing in accordance with IP67 and are delivered in high-quality aluminum or stainless steel.

A Belt Weigher Is Normally Mounted

By putting 2 pcs. weighbridges directly in series, the accuracy can be doubled.

The belt weigher can be either one or more roller stands and the weighing frame construction ensures easy mounting in the conveyor.

Depending on the design of the conveyor belt and the required precision, the weighbridge can consist of 1, 2 or 3 adjustable roller/idler sets.


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