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EXTENSO is a supplier that offers design, fabrication and installation of specially designed conveyor belts and conveyor systems

For more info, check out our own dedicated website here: transportø

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Conveyor Belts
Conveyor Systems For Weighing
Conveyor Belt Systems
Conveyor Systems For Weighing
Conveyor Systems For Weighing
Specially designed conveyor belts and conveyor systems

EXTENSO in collaboration with Central Conveyors represents the entire product range of Central Conveyors in Norway, which delivers design, fabrication and installation of specially designed conveyor belts and transport systems.

We have extensive experience in offering a wide range of material handling solutions, both simple and complex, whether it is single or multiple conveyors, for integration into existing or new equipment / processes.

EXTENSO in collaboration with Central Conveyors offers all possible types of conveyor belts. Since we design and produce internally, we can meet our customers' demanding needs, unlike many companies that only resell off-the-shelf products. Our engineering subjects are also used to provide inspection and control platforms, access, stairs, industrial storage units and sophisticated logic control and telemetry. We are happy to offer the entire project cycle from design to production, installation, system integration and commissioning. For examples, see some of our case studies.

Individual conveyors

Do you need a single conveyor? We can produce any type of machine imaginable, from a simple traditional belt conveyor through to complex chain monorail track machines. Our products have ranged from those that can be picked up and carried under one arm to 18-ton bulk-loading Pit Conveyors. We've even been commissioned to provide conveyors for world renowned British sculptor, Anish Kapoor. Whether it is for the food industry, manufacturing, production, construction, warehousing, distribution, parcel or MRF / waste recycling, we are always delighted to discuss your individual conveyor requirement, and to produce a machine tailored specifically for your business needs. You can see some of our Products range here

Large and complex multi-conveyor systems

Central Conveyors has a track record for producing large and complex systems. These have involved multiple conveyors, diverters, merge lines, valves, actuators (pusher rods), elevators, weighing and measuring systems, visual (camera-based) switching / sorting units, sensors, controls and PLC systems, along with integration into clients SCADA systems. We have the experience and vision to create unique system designs to cater to almost any conceivable requirement.

Conveyor Systems For Industrial Weighing
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